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“I had the pleasure of staying at Dave Steins' house in October and November of 2015. I stayed at his house on 6th Avenue and that was the most peace I have felt since leaving Lucida Luxury Treatment in Lantana, FL a little more than 16 months earlier. His house was extremely clean, well appointed, and directed by great management in Kurt E. who has over three decades clean. Dave is a very kind man and is the most hands on house owner out of all the five that I stayed in while in Florida.


The house I stayed in on 6th - and all of Dave's houses - are conveniently located near Linton Avenue and Atlantic Avenue which made access to meetings, grocery shopping, and the gym a breeze. The houses are all stocked with new bed linens, kitchen appliances, and the greatest part is that he demands cleanliness! Kurt E. is the roaming house manager and although Kurt is strict, he is one of the most helpful and caring people I have met in South Florida. He is merely extending the compassion and

demands of personal excellence that Dave himself has.


When I first got out of treatment I went to one of the most expensive halfway houses in Delray. And before Dave welcomed me in I also had the unfortunate experience of staying in one of the worst houses in Delray. Dave's house is very reasonably priced but offers the most in aftercare. Once a week we have the a house meeting where Dave personally comes by to each of the houses and reads for the Big Book and shares his own experience of strength and hope. He also has everyone do a “check-in” to see where the guys are at regarding a job, the house, what's going on their personal journey of recovery, and what they received from the reading. There is so much depth to that meeting that I always walked away feeling inspired and motivated.


Summarily I can't say enough about Dave and the personal development I experienced while staying there. I would suggest to everyone reading this to give Dave a call right now and make this your last halfway house.” - Jonathon Wilkinson

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"Attention families, individuals, therapists and other treatment-recovery professionals. This reference and recommendation letter is being written on behalf of David Stein, the founder, owner, and manager of, "Something In Between," a unique sober living residence. My name is Nathan Garlick and I am a Certified Addictions Professional with a Masters degree in Social Work. I have over a decade of experience working in the field of mental health, addictions counseling,and treatment services. I have collaborated with David in many different capacities and experienced his dedication to the recovery community first hand.


David Stein has extensive experience in the area of recovery and continues to contribute tirelessly to the local treatment and recovery community. Approaching 9 years in recovery from addictions personally, he has developed a strong foundation of 12-step support group knowledge and experience. David fosters and maintains relationships with a very large network of recovering individuals, treatment alumni,therapeutic treatment professionals, and local community organizations. He is actively sponsoring and lending support to many recovering men in local 12-step programs. David is a successful graduate of an intensive therapeutic treatment program and can identify with individuals going through or planning to enter a treatment program. He was elected as president of their alumni association, bringing their organization to a new level of fund-raising, community organization/recovery activities, and educational recovery awareness events. He understands what is necessary to successfully incorporate therapeutic services with an outside 12-step/support network. David has multiple years of experience facilitating recovery support groups, alumni/aftercare program groups, and frequently speaks at recovery oriented events in the community. In addition to his background and endless efforts in the recovery community, David has decades of experience in property and facilities management.


"Something In Between," a unique sober living residence has been operating for 3 years and is a member of the South County Recovery Residence Association. SIB offers the full realm of recovery residence supervision and services. They also offer additional job-search,mentoring and life skills support. The majority of his tenants/clients stays beyond their 6-month commitment and remains active in supporting newer individuals.

David has infinite compassion for those in recovery that he is involved with,regardless of the capacity, and takes specific interest in all he works with. As mentioned above, David understands the importance of communication with treatment professionals, families, doctors, and other key individuals in order to maximize recovery potential. David is a man of integrity, always willing to work together, remain flexible and teachable in the spirit of improving relationships." - Nathan Garlick, MSW, CAP

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A Parent

Dear Dave:


Our son has lived  in one of your sober living homes and we wanted to let you know we are very grateful for the support he received to help him maintain his sobriety.  This is the longest time he has been sober and the positive situation in the house I believe has truly helped him. - Robin M.

Dear Dave:


For anyone considering a sober living house I believe Something In Between is far better than most. My son has been in several sober living houses in Southeast Florida. What makes Something In Between superior is the integrity of the owner Dave. He truly cares about each person living in his house. He goes out of his way to meet with them and counsel individuals not only about addictions but other healthy living topics. He is also open to speaking with family members, keeping them apprised of their loved ones situation. He is honest, fair and firm in his convictions. The house itself is clean and located in a residential area. If you or a loved one is serious about recovery and want a caring, kind, safe, no nonsense ,12-step driven environment, I would recommend Something In Between. As a parent living more than 1,000 miles away, I truly appreciated Dave taking the time to speak with me on several occasions to keep me informed on my son’s status. This helped me to know the truth and freed me from circumstances in which I could have been easily manipulated.  Many Thanks! - JoAnne, New York


Hi Dave, good afternoon. We wanted to thank you for all your support and help with our son. Even though we disapproved of his choice to move to a cheaper house, we hope he will be okay as we feel that he won't have the same support you have provided to him.  I wish you all the best and thank you again for being so kind to our son and us. Best regards. A parent who would recommend you anytime!




"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for referring me to Dave Steins Halfway House upon my leaving Caron Renaissance . I had a very good experience there . Dave was very helpful to me and all the guys there at the house. I couldn't have asked for a better transition back into life. I trust everything is going well with you and I appreciate all the time that you and your staff took to help me get to where I am today. God bless." - Christopher S


"I came straight out of treatment, and knew going home was not an option for me. I made some phone calls and found someone who took me and my family for a tour around some halfway houses in South Florida. Knowing there was hundreds of options, I stepped into Something in Between and had a hunch that this would be good for me. The house was kept clean, the rules and regulations were set up only for success. The owner of the house, Dave, really showed me the ropes and made it clear to me he wanted to see me advance into this new way of life. Once a week house meetings, regular substance testing, and discussing solution within the house put me on a straight path. This house is different then others because, it felt more like a family. It was smaller, and was a healthy place for me to grow. Today, after  having resided in Something in Between, I will be acknowledging 2 years of sobriety. The owner's heart was in helping, and I'm forever grateful I chose this house, rather than any other." - Paul S.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship - I'll never forget the day that you came to our treatment facility and picked Ryan and myself up. I had looked at several halfway houses at that point but you personally took us to your halfway house and what I was impressed with was the room I got - the house was comfortable,well equipped and most of all clean - it was the beginning of my life changing experience and you have helped me from the very beginning. I just want you to know that I consider you a friend and I look forward to our continued journey into sobriety together. Also thanks for your introduction to Dan. I went to your new halfway house and met with him - he said he really enjoyed it there and said he was impressed with your attention to detail. Hopefully I'll be able to help him in his journey into recovery !!!" - Chuck M.